Customizable chat API that delivers business outcomes

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  • Launch conversational capabilities that include moderation, rich media, translation, analytics, and more
  • Scale to millions of users on a proven, secure, and global platform
  • Get started quickly with elegant pre-built components and ship in days, not months


An easy-to-use suite of SDKs and UI kits that help you build trust and safety with customers:

In-app chat experiences that users will love

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The days of spending millions on low-converting channels are over. Deploy resources towards what performs:

Redeploy SMS. Outperform email. Boost conversions.

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  • Push timely offers and updates to customers when they are most receptive
  • Send branded messages to any cohort, then track results with webhooks
  • Integrate with your existing marketing automation tool to streamline workflows


Businesses want agents to resolve support cases faster, while customers yearn for a more human experience. We provides the best of both worlds:

Better mobile support. Lasting customer relationships.

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  • Power live or on-demand customer support at scale to handle more tickets, faster
  • Intuitive agent interface to manage the queue, route support tickets, view customer context, and monitor responses.
  • Integrate with CRM and support tools you already use to streamline workflows

The friendliest video chat

Piscale's in-app services make it faster to add high-quality voice and video calls to your apps. It’s built on proven managed infrastructure ready for massive scale.
Dial a contact for a one-to-one call or create a room to start a group call.

Direct and group calls

High-quality calls thanks to Piscale’s multi-region and low-latency cloud infrastructure.

Clear voice and video. No lag.

Allow users to talk or meet face-to-face on web and mobile apps.

Multi-device and cross-platform SDKs

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Solutions for every industry

Increase engagement and reduce churn within your community. Keep the conversation safe with essential moderation tools.

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Social and communities
Connect buyers and sellers, and drive more transactions. Integrate chat with your shopping cart, payment system, reviews platform, and more.

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Be it ride sharing or delivery, prevent booking cancellations and missteps through always-on communication between your customers.

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On-demand services
In-app services help retailers connect buyers and sellers within the mobile app to increase conversions and engagement while boosting retention with better support.

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Unlock unparalleled conversion and retention potential through our cutting-edge in-app services.

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Financial services
Create immersive chat, voice, and video experiences tailored for the modern connected patient. Ensure your presence throughout their entire healthcare journey, providing seamless support and personalized care at every step.

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Digital health


Reduction in booking cancellations for a global ride sharing superapp.


Reduction in customer support calls for a leading on-demand food delivery app.


Increase in user retention for a leading international community site.

The fastest growing startups to the largest enterprises trust our services with the data.

Enterprise-ready compliance

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Our chat SDKs, voice SDKs, video SDKs, and platform adhere to leading security and compliance standards to ensure that all your communication and data are encrypted both in rest and motion.